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Spatulart® Summer Stripes Wood Handled Spatula

Celebrate the Fourth of July and other summer holidays in patriotic style with this Summer Stripes Spatula!

  • Patriotic Charm: This wood handled spatula is adorned with summer stripes to add American pride into the kitchen!
  • Durable Spatula: Silicone surface allows for even spreading, and edges are tapered to a sharp point to scrape sides clean. The square corners fit into corners and the angled head is perfect for easy scooping.
  • Tough Flex-Core: Silicone head is reinforced with a sturdy nylon core. This combination offers a solid core that can tackle thick batters and hearty doughs while the flexible edges scrape the bowl clean.
  • Ergonomic Handle: The ergonomic handle allows for a comfortable grip, making this kitchen tool perfect for mixing, folding, serving, scraping, and flipping!
  • Silicone Design: The soft-touch silicone will not scratch cast iron or nonstick pans, colored finish won't fade and is high heat resistant (600° F).
  • FSC® Certified Wood: Handle is made with sustainably sourced wood.
  • Dimensions: 13.75" L x 2.5" W x 0.75" H.
  • To Clean: BPA-free, removable silicone head is dishwasher-safe. Hand wash handle with soap and water to protect the wood.
  • $12.99

    Mini Ice Twist & Release Trays with Storage Bin and Ice Scoop

    Make and store mini ice simultaneously with the Twist & Release Mini Ice Trays!

  • Easy to Use: This innovative mini ice tray is easier to release than standard mini ice trays, is more affordable than ice machines and creates mini ice for 2+ drinks (150 mini ice cubes) with a simple twist of the tray!
  • All in One Smart Design: Set includes two mini ice trays, a storage bin and a scoop. The flexible tray features a unique diamond orientation design that allows the ice to pop out of the tray easily with a simple twist of the tray! The tight-fitting lid and storage bin seals and holds ice to ensure your ice remains fresh for future use.
  • Chill Drinks Fast: Mini ice is quick to freeze and chills drinks fast. Chill your favorite drink! Try mini ice in ice tea, iced coffees, lemonade, soft drinks, cocktails, and more!
  • 4 Easy Steps: Fill, freeze, rinse, and twist! Remove lid and fill tray to marker, place lid back on. Freeze tray for 4-6 hours and then briefly run tray under warm water. Remove lid and just twist to pop ice free!
  • Dimensions: 9.25” L x 6” W x 3.5” H.
  • To Clean: The durable, food-grade molds are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.
  • $19.99

    2-Piece Small Prep & Serve Marinade Tray Set - Red

    Prep, marinate, and serve your grilling dishes in one fell swoop with the 10.5" Prep & Serve Marinade Tray Set. Featuring a white tray and chili pepper base.

  • Prevents Contamination: The removable two-piece tray easily separates to marinate and transport raw meats from cook food to help prevent contamination and foodborne illness.
  • Accommodates a Variety of Food*: The medium size can safely marinate multiple chicken breasts, steaks, fish filets, shrimp and other seafood, or an array of cut-up veggies. This set can also function as the perfect s’more carrier at your next backyard bonfire or camping trip. *Actual size accommodations vary due to several factors including food size, shape, and thickness.
  • Multi-Functional Top: The top tray conveniently functions as both a lid and serving platter for cooked food.
  • Melamine Material: Stain resistant melamine material won’t absorb food flavors or odors making this tray easy to clean and take care of.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Stop using single-use baggies for your marinating needs and start using this reusable option for a cleaner environment.
  • Dimensions: Measures 10.5" W x 10.5” L x 2” H.
  • To Clean: Simply put these trays in the dishwasher or handwash clean with soap and warm water.
  • $29.99

    Ocean Friends Pop Molds - Set of 4

    Have under-the-sea fun with Silicone Ocean Friends Pop Molds!

  • All-In-One: Set includes one storage base, four silicone ocean friend sleeves: turtle, shark, sea horse and fish, four pop handles and instructions.
  • Great for Kids: Kids will love the incredible detailed, four-unique ocean friend shapes. Plus the built-in drip guards and handles are perfect for little hands and lots of fun!
  • Simple to Use: Fill molds with your favorite fresh ingredients, insert sticks and freeze. Enjoy the popsicles you made and look for the hidden skeletons to be revealed!
  • Compact Storage: Frozen pops can be removed and stored in their sleeves to create extra freezer space.
  • Easy Removal: Crafted from BPA-free, flexible silicone, these frozen treats are easy to remove for a quick and healthy snack.
  • To Clean: Dishwasher safe.
  • $15.99