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Twist and Chop Mini Mincer Charcoal

Manufacturer: Tovolo
SKU: 50005-200
Twist and Chop Mini Mincer Charcoal
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The Chop N’ Spin Mini Chopper from Tovolo creates perfectly chopped garlic with ease. Simply peel, place on a cutting board, and chop away! The sharp blade rotates with each chopping motion to make precise, even cuts. Sharp stainless steel blade cuts through garlic cloves easily. Steel does not rust or warp for a perfect chop every time. Waved blade cuts at various angles as it turns, which minces garlic efficiently. Blade retracts between presses to keep fingers away from sharp steel. Stainless steel blade slides through openings in the nylon finger guard with every press, then pulls up to stay behind the plastic protector. It’s also great for chopping nuts, candies and herbs. The unit disassembles for easy cleaning. Simply press down on the two out tabs to release the blade. Small wheels rotate the blade and base as you chop, keeping the handle in place as you chop for quick mincing. Textured wheels grip cutting boards and countertops to ensure they turn easily, even on wet or uneven surfaces. The mini mincer chops more than garlic: use the quick food chopper to crush candies, nuts or herbs. Use the garlic mincer for meal prep or baking. Easily clean up after use by pressing the side tabs to release the nylon blade guard. Food safe. Made of BPA-free nylon and stainless steel.
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