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Silicone Sheep Lid Lifters - Set of 3

Manufacturer: Tovolo
SKU: 81-4436
These silicone lid lifters are in the shape of sheep for a fun look!

  • No More Boiling Over: These lid lifters raise the lids off of pots and pans while the ingredients simmer, minimizing the chance of water or sauce from boiling over.
  • Increase Air Circulation: The gap allows cooler air to enter the mixture, regulating the temperature of your food for more even cooking.
  • Multi-Use Kitchen Buddies: These lifters do more than protect your food! They also make great tea buddies, holding the string on the tea bag to prevent it from sliding into the hot water.
  • Silicone Sheep Shapes: The set of 3 ensures you always have a buddy to cook with! These cute silicone animals add a bit of fun and whimsy to weeknight dinners or cups of tea at work. The silicone is heat-resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can include them in cooking experiments without worry. The soft silicone also will not scratch metal, glass, or ceramic dishes.
  • Dimensions: 1.75" x 5.00" x 3.25".
  • Care Instructions: Silicone. Dishwasher-safe.
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    3, 2, 1, lift off! Prevent pots and pans from boiling over with Tovolo Lid Lifters. These heat-resistant silicone animals create a vent by lifting lids off of pots and pans. Slide the Lid Lifters onto the pan, and rest the lid on the animal’s back. Silicone animals also secure tea bag strings to the side of mugs, so the twine doesn’t slide into your drink. The set of three ensures you always have a buddy to cook or enjoy a cup of tea with you. At Tovolo, we believe time spent cooking should be fun! We strive to improve our customers’ relationship with cooking by designing products that deliver trustworthy performance and genuine enjoyment. We strive to be the leader in kitchen tool innovation while bringing smiles to our customers. Our tools make home chefs feel confident and happy in the kitchen. With our tools, we hope you bake cookies for your neighbor. Teach your child your grandmother’s secret recipe. Surprise your coworkers with a treat. Share the joy of cooking and eating—it brings us all together.

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