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Rinse N Store Berry Colander Cayenne

Manufacturer: Tovolo
SKU: 16007-400
Rinse N Store Berry Colander Cayenne
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Clean and store your berries easily with the Rinse N’ Store Berry Colander from Tovolo. This all-in-one colander and storage container fits compactly into fridges after rinsing. Smooth surface is gentle on delicate berry flesh to minimize bruising and bursting. Keep your berries fresh, sweet, and whole while rinsing away residue. Rinse berries without damaging the delicate skin. Colander holes are large to encourage quick draining after soaking. Strainer holes are tapered inward, so they will catch any produce that could fall through without compromising waterflow. Large holes and additional vents on the sides maximize air flow while keeping your berries fresh. Pop the lid on the colander to keep it fresh in the fridge. The sturdy lid creates a tight seal between the edge of the flexible plastic and the lip of the bowl, keeping the contents as fresh as possible. Handles are designed to make rinsing berries easy. The handles provide enough room for a secure grip on the fruit wash, but they are compact so the strainer doesn’t take up too much space in your cupboard. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Made of BPA-free plastic and nylon.

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