Sphere Ice Molds – Set of 2


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Join the high rollers with our chic Sphere Ice Molds. The innovative and clever design gives you a 2.5″ sphere, perfect to accompany your whiskey, scotch, or bourbon. The slow melting sphere will bring out the full flavor and add a splash of class to your next drink.

  • Set of 2
  • Leak-free & won’t tip in the freezer
  • Silicone cap creates a tight seal
  • Stacks neatly to conserve space

Additional Information

  • SKU: 80-9697
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Food Safe
  • BPA Free
  • Patent #: US D731,264

14 reviews for Sphere Ice Molds – Set of 2

  1. Optimus Prime

    Can’t tell which is the fill line…the straight line across, or the curved line…please advise…

    • Josh Lipka

      You should fill up to the straight line.

  2. John Kelsey

    I got these spheres in a Bespoke box and love them for my whiskey glasses. I am ordering more as we speak. I sometimes have the issue of cracking but not all the way through and find if I leave it on the counter for a few minutes they crack less if at all.

  3. Elizabeth

    We’ve had the same issue as Steven V, although I don’t think Admin’s response was helpful. The complaint isn’t how room temperature liquids affect the ice, it’s that the ice comes out of the freezer, prior to coming in contact with liquids, with a crack down the middle (for us, it happens every time now). I love these molds as well and the fact that they’re affordable, but would love a more productive response/suggestion from the company than “sorry, that’s science” because your pictures show spherical ice in one piece, not multiple, as we are experiencing. Thanks!

  4. Andy

    Great product. Have been using for years to drink scotch. If I bring the out when I have friends over, everybody gets a kick. I have a tub to make and store several spheres for whenever I need them. Also have the large cubes, skulls, tiki heads and penguins!

  5. rachel

    love these! they make great ice cubes. sometimes (infrequently) they crack in half but it’s frozen water, nothing is perfect. and they’re still awesome. easy to use and remove sphere cubes.

  6. Alan Whitson

    I have two minor but annoying issues: 1) Rather than pop out like your cube trays, I have to run water over the mold to free the ice ball 2) I get a small valley around the equator of the ball.

    • Josh Lipka

      After removing from the freezer, let the molds with the ice still inside sit on the counter for 2-3 min to allow them to temper. Then you can remove them easily.

  7. Robert

    They are fantastic, 1 sphere lasts for longer than needed. Kids love them and have been drinking twice as much water with a sphere in there glasses. Great fun.

  8. David

    Really didn’t think it would be more then a gag gift. Bought it for a friend’s birthday and it was a hit. Now everyone wants one (as do I). Their freezer ice box is larger enough to fit the spheres, so once they freeze, they pop them out, put it in the box and refill the container. Perfect for down the road guests. Haven’t had any issues with the sphere retaining its shape.

  9. SAK

    Bought these about 3 months ago. They work well and when you fill them to the fill line they make a pretty nice sphere. Add too much and they are oblong but functional. Unfortunately I let one slip while I was rinsing it and the mold shattered into five or six pieces when it hit the sink. The plastic, when cold, must be really brittle. Pretty disappointing.

  10. Denny Bueter

    Works well. I’ve played with them for 3 years now and can make spheres that are (near) perfect.

    I do 4 per day… all roughly 98% crystal clear. The last few bubbles are on my radar… but it’s not the molds.

  11. Pete

    I place filtered water in my molds and after I take off the rubber lid have difficulty getting the ice spheres out. Once is a long while they come out attached to the rubber lid but usually not. So I end up tapping the plastic mold on the counter trying to get the ice out. Aggravating and also usually causes the ice sphere to break into smaller pieces defeating the purpose.

    • Josh Lipka

      If you allow the ice to temper when you remove the molds from the freezer, they will easily pop out. Just set the frozen mold on the counter for 2-3 minutes to temper.

  12. RK

    Work perfectly. To get spheres out, just bend the bottom a little between hand palms and the sphere will come out with the flexible silicone part to be released directly into the glass. And: Yes, they crack when you pour warmer liqiuid and that’s just physics. To get clear ice spheres less likely to crack, you can try to use hot water.

  13. Helen Robertson

    I have had mine for two years. I absolutely love them. so excited to buy more.I set them out on the counter for 3 to 5 mins. and they come out much easier. love, love love them.

  14. Steve VanderMeer

    These used to work much better when I first bought them. Now when I make the ice spheres they typically come out with cracks running through them. The moment I pour room temperature liquid over them they literally crack apart becoming multiple ice cubes rather than a single sphere of ice. I clean them thoroughly between uses, and I don’t overfill them. I’m wondering if perhaps my freezer temperature is not correct for these to come out like they used to. These would definitely be a five star rating if I could figure out the cracks in the sphere problem.

    • admin

      Typically, when ice is added to a liquid that is room temperature, warmer or effervescent the ice will crack. This does not reflect the functionality of the product, simply the science between the relationship of temperatures of liquids and ice.

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