Mini Silicone Scoop and Spread™


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This clever tool can slice, spread, and scoop. It’s the perfect tool for breakfast or lunch prep. Mini Scoop & Spread™ CDU includes 18 multi-purpose spreaders. Colors included in CDU’s are Charcoal, Oyster Gray, Deep Indigo, Cayenne, and Pesto.

  • Nylon spreader makes it easy to spread jellies, jams, butter, and soft cheeses
  • Flexible silicone scrapes and scoops
  • Available in 8″ Mini & 11″ Large sizes

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Additional Information

  • Heat resistant to 600°F, 315°C
  • Nylon Heat resistant to 400°F, 204°C
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Food Safe
  • BPA Free

4 reviews for Mini Silicone Scoop and Spread™

  1. Russell Shelton

    I absolutely LOVE this spatula .. and have given many as gifts. I find it particularly useful during bread making .. where I use the blade end to mix my sourdough starter, and the blade end is rugged enough to mix my dough; I then switch it around, to use the scoop end to scrape down the sides. I am also glad I came to the product page .. I had no idea it is heat resistant! .. Bonus!!

  2. Joseph Argyle

    My wife purchased this for me about a year ago. I had no idea it was intended to be used as a “scoop and spread”. I use it for about everything else, my go to for cooking about anything on the stove, its my favorite all around utensil.

  3. U miller

    Love it but can’t find where to buy more

  4. A Hill

    This is a brilliant item,bought in Canada, can I buy these in the UK?

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