2.5QT Glide-A-Scoop Ice Cream Tub


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Finally, an Ice Cream Tub that neatly stores homemade ice cream, gelato, and sorbet. Non-slip base steadies the container while you effortlessly scoop along the slender tub. Slim design to fit into any tightly-packed freezer or freezer door.

  • Non-slip base steadies tub while you scoop
  • Slender design gudies the perfect scoop
  • Insulated tub stores compactly in freeze

Additional Information

  • Hand wash only
  • Food Safe
  • BPA Free

1 review for 2.5QT Glide-A-Scoop Ice Cream Tub

  1. Wanda Ibeth Molina

    This ice cream container is awesome. I just made four 1/2 gallon tubs of ice cream for a birthday party of a 7 year old boy. The great design and insulation kept the ice cream cold for 2 hours…I love them and will continue to use them for my ice cream, gelato, frozen fruit and bon-bon’s. Also, transfer store bought ice cream to keep it fresh tasting and avoid freezer burn.

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