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6" Stainless Steel Mini Whisk

Manufacturer: Tovolo
SKU: 81-6379P
The simple solution for quick whisking jobs, this Stainless Steel Mini Whisk is a kitchen essential!

  • Sturdy Wires for Easy Mixing: These sturdy stainless steel wires do not bend as you whisk, whip or mix ingredients. The handle fits comfortably in hand.
  • Whip Up Small Treats: This whisk fits perfectly in small mixing and soup bowls for quick whisking jobs. Perfect for scrambling a couple eggs, whisking up a marinade or vinaigrette or frothing milk.
  • Simple Storage: This compact whisk slides easily into slim drawers or small utensil holders.
  • Perfect for Drinks: The whisk fits into glasses and mugs, and the short handle makes mixing less awkward in small spaces. Also ideal for mixing hot cocoa, matcha, instant coffee, and other beverages.
  • Kid-Friendly: This mini whisk fits perfectly into little hands! Teach kids how to use a whisk properly and ask them to help you make breakfast!
  • Dimensions: 7.25" L x 6.25" W.
  • Care Instructions: Stainless steel. Dishwasher-safe.
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    Small and mighty, the Tovolo Mini Whisk is perfect for roux, eggs, dressings, and marinades. The compact size works well in small containers, making it the perfect tool for whipping up a small batch of scrambled eggs or a mug of hot cocoa. Froth milk for lattes and cappuccinos or whisk up some egg whites for high-end cocktails. Additionally, the mini whisk fits perfectly into little hands. Teach kids how to use a whisk properly and ask them to help scramble eggs, whisk together dry ingredients, and so much more! The stainless steel whisk will not rust, and it is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Made of sturdy steel. At Tovolo, we believe time spent cooking should be fun! We strive to improve our customers’ relationship with cooking by designing products that deliver trustworthy performance and genuine enjoyment. We strive to be the leader in kitchen tool innovation while bringing smiles to our customers. Our tools make home chefs feel confident and happy in the kitchen. With our tools, we hope you bake cookies for your neighbor. Teach your child your grandmother’s secret recipe. Surprise your coworkers with a treat. Share the joy of cooking and eating—it brings us all together.

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