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Comfort Grip Knife Set S/3 Assorted

Manufacturer: Tovolo
SKU: 14017-999
Comfort Grip Knife Set S/3 Assorted
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The Tovolo Comfort Chefs Choice 3 pc Knife Set features three chef knives in different sizes. A great, unintimidating knife set for people just getting started in the cooking hobby. Knives are multipurpose and designed to give a smooth cut every time. The handle of these kitchen knives is ergonomic and designed for comfort. Rubber Comfort Grip technology makes the knives easy to hold regardless of experience level. Additional grip control gives user extended control and precise control when chopping. Handle design aims to reduce the chances of an accidental slip or drop. Durable handle is easy to clean and stays sturdy even after extended use. Knife blades are made from high-carbon, stainless steel. Knives stay sharp in between uses and don’t stain with repeated use. Knives are easy to clean and rinse between uses. All knives are dishwasher safe. Knives each come with protective blade covers for easy, safe storage. Tovolo Comfort Grip Chefs Choice 3 pc Knife Set is food safe and BPA free.

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