Tovolo’s Ski Bonanza | February 2, 2017

I love field trips!  Here at Tovolo we like to have a good time.  We have potlucks and cocktail parties pretty regularly.  We go to baseball games.  We participate in a Miniature Gold League in the summertime.  So when the team was asked what we wanted to do this winter as an activity, we unanimously chose skiing!  Well, skiing, snowboarding, and a few spa-goers.

On Friday, Team Tovolo boarded a fancy bus and headed to the mountains.  We drove about 2 hours northeast of Seattle to Steven’s Pass Mountain Resort.  It was a crisp, not too cold day with just enough sun.  We all were outfitted with equipment and away we went.  It was a great mix of skiers and boarders at all levels from expert to “how do I walk in these boots.”  The Steven’s Pass staff was great!  Highly organized and very friendly, they had us fed and on the slopes in no time.

The snow was soft and fluffy.  The sky was bluebird blue. The surrounding trees looked like they had been freshly shaken with powdered sugar.  It was just a perfect winter day with friends, food, a beverage or two, and fantastic snow conditions.  It is such a joy when you truly like and enjoy the people you work with.

I asked everyone what their favorite part of the day was and almost everyone said being together and getting to know co-workers outside of our normal roles.  There were also many people who mentioned learning to ski or bravely conquering an intermediate slope on their first skiing attempt.  Not falling down and having a flask also made the top ten list. It is the camaraderie that really makes Tovolo such a special working environment.  In our Tovolo world, we really do help each other out in and outside of the office.  I personally take a lot of pride in that aspect of our company.   Good vibes all around!

On behalf of the Tovolo family, thank you for the beautiful day of fun and goodness!