Flex-Core® All Silicone Blender Spatula


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Long, slender design to easily reach into your blender.

  • Nylon core for added rigidity
  • Off-set head to get underneath blender blades
  • Flexible edges for easy scraping

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Additional Information

  • Heat resistant to 600°F, 315°C
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Food Safe
  • BPA Free

2 reviews for Flex-Core® All Silicone Blender Spatula

  1. Esther

    I bought the blender spatula at the Habitat store and it’s my favorite of all time spatulas. I like that it’s not so rigid that it bends well to the contour of your bowl or jar, whatever you use it in. I own a lot of different good quality spatulas but I always reach for this one first.

  2. Tilford Norvell

    I find this spatula to be very handy to reach into jars and while cooking to clean out bowls and skillets.

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